I am getting a second chance and 
I am going to grasp it with both hands...

Prevention Services

PACE Prevention Services consists of three separate programmes designed specifically to work with people with convictions for harmful sexual behaviour. These programmes work with people with complex needs who are considered to be at significant risk of re-offending sexually and need to be managed safely in the community. PACE works in partnership with the statutory services to prevent further harm.   

The three programmes PACE operate in a desistance framework are:

Foothold Floating Support 

This is an intensive one-to-one support programme that works with high risk and high need clients to address their complex needs.

Foothold works closely with the supervising Probation Officer and Liaison Garda in the management of the individual.

"No two days are ever the same and there are rarely any dull moments, this can lead to stressful periods, but the rewards from successful outcomes far exceed this..."
              Foothold Support Worker

Safer Lives Treatment Programme

This programme is a therapeutic group programme based on The Good Lives Model that is 
designed to assist men to understand their offending behaviour and the harm it caused, and to develop the knowledge and skills to live a life that is safer for themselves, their families and their communities.

"Without Safer Lives I would never understand my behaviour, speak about my life and really understand as to why I offended and really move on after offending..."

                             Safer Lives Client


Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)

CoSA is an International, evidence based programme designed to work with people with convictions for harmful sexual behaviour in the community. 

Based on restorative principles, CoSA trains volunteers to assist individuals who have been convicted of a serious sexual offence(s) in their efforts to live a life free of crime and harmful behaviour.

"Overall, this man wants to live his life and I feel I have removed the stigma that I once held towards people with sexual harmful convictions..."

                                CoSA Volunteer

Have you been in prison, have you just been released or have you a family/friend awaiting release and you need information, advice or support...

PACE Prevention Services are only open to people with convictions for harmful sexual behaviour who are under the supervision of The Probation Service.

Making the right call?

If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming a client of a PACE Prevention Service, you must speak to your Probation Officer who will make the referral to our Prevention Service Team.

Is your Probation client suitable?
If you feel your client would benefit from any of our Prevention Services, and your client remains under Probation supervision in the community, meets the risk criteria and is willing to partake in an assessment prior to engaging with PACE, you can contact us for further information to discuss which service may be most appropriate for your client. 

                 PACE works in partnership with The Probation Service, An Garda Síochána and other agencies.