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Board of Management

Our Board of Management currently comprises of 7 members and is responsible for strategy, and to direct and control the affairs of PACE, relating to its vision and mission. The Board are responsible for our overall governance.  

Our Board members along with the Chairperson are volunteers, giving their time and effort to PACE. One of our Board members is appointed from the Probation Service as a non-voting representative of our main funder.    
As the Chairperson, Jill McGrath plays a strategic role in representing the vision and purpose of PACE. Her commitment to promoting the importance of values throughout the organisation is key.  
Treasurer Noel Lourdes background is in Corporate Finance. He is a certified chartered accountant. He advises on financial control and capacity, helping to ensure accountability and transparency in funding matters.


Diana Stuart is a Barrister at Law and concentrates on white collar and regulatory crime.  Her legal viewpoint is a valuable addition to the Board of Management for PACE.

Garrett O'Donohoe, is currently Head of Business Banking. He advises PACE on finance, strategy and governance.

Maeve Callery is currently a primary school Deputy Principal. She has a strong background in education, policy, technology, learning and 
strategic planning. Maeve has extensive experience with staff and operational management.

Eddie Mullins joined the IPS in 1991 and held a number of management positions culminating in the position of Governor. Eddie is passionate about prisoner progression, staff engagement and social enterprise. He oversaw the rebranding of the Progression Unit in Mountjoy to receive the IBEC Keepwell Award, the first prison in Ireland to do so. 

Nicole Forster is currently a Development Officer in Healthcare with the Irish Hospice Foundation. Nicole brings her wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience in social care, social justice, mental health and wellbeing and the homeless sector to the PACE Board.

Assistant Principal Probation Officer Sile Loughrey, appointed by The Probation Service as our representative on the Board.