Our Mission
Working inclusively with people with criminal convictions to support them in moving away from offending behaviour and to enhance community wellbeing by reducing offending.

Our Vision
To be the leading voluntary sector provider of community based criminal justice interventions.
Taking a strengths based approach to meet the diverse needs of people with convictions and creating safer communities by preventing further harm. 

Our Aims
Prevent further harm through the provision of a range of services for people with convictions.
Proactively deliver a wide range of targeted interventions through individual case management, accommodation, education, training, employment and therapeutic programmes to meet the presenting needs of the people we work with. 
Work in partnership with the Probation Service, An Garda Siochána and other agencies to bring about positive change.
Influence public perception of people with convictions in order to increase social inclusion.
Provide high quality transitional accommodation that fosters independent living skills.
Through social enterprise create employment opportunities for people with convictions.

Our Values
POTENTIAL: We believe in peoples capacity to change
ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe that meaningful behavioural change whilst holding individuals to account is possible
COMPASSION: We believe in working with respect and seeing the whole person not just the offending behaviour
EQUALITY: We believe equal opportunities  and a restorative approach can enable people to contribute positively to the community.